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5 Travel Tips During Covid 19 Pandemic
By: Vanita | 29-Dec-2021

5 Travel Tips During Covid 19 Pandemic

During the period of COVID 19, restaurant and hotel owners are facing losses. However, Shimla, Chile are some of the places which are more popular in India. If you are coming to visit these places, we request you to follow these five tips.

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Make an Inventory

Please keep an inventory of hand sanitizer, tissues and other disinfectants and masks. These items are important to fight against Coronavirus and help you to maintain hygiene in this pandemic time.

Mindful while Touching Surfaces

It would be best if you tried not to touch public places such as railings, plastic chairs, ATMs etc. Please be careful not to touch your face.  

Maintain Social Distance

Try to rely on technology and avoid public gatherings. Get your boarding pass, tickets and other documents online. Maintain the 6-foot distance and pay using contactless systems.

Don't Eat Street Foods

Please avoid having street foods. Instead, you should prefer a hotel pantry room to order dinners and lunches. That is why you should choose the best resorts in Chail.

Stay Home If You are Sick

Are you very adventurous? However, the situation demands something else. If you are sick, please stay at home.

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