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A complete guide to visit Chail
By: Vanita | 27-Jan-2022

A complete guide to visit Chail

Situated about 44 Km from Shimla, it is a small yet beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, it is a place where you will find pine-covered hills, lush green meadows, a spectacular view of the majestic Himalayas, tranquility, and a wonderful landscape. Also known as “Hiker’s Paradise”, It is a spectacular place for nature lovers and people who love Hiking. You can book Chail hotels and resorts and enjoy your stay in this place to the brim. Let's see how you can visit Chail and places you can visit .

How to reach Chail - Being situated at a high altitude, you can visit through roadways which is the only direct option. If you are planning to visit by train or airways then you can step down at the nearest railway station or airport and can take public transport to visit the place.

  • Via Road  - You can take two routes if you are coming by buses or your personal vehicle. First route is through Kandaghat and the second route is through Kurfi but this route is advisable only if you are visiting Shimla First. 

  • Via Train - The nearest station is Kandaghat where you can get down and get public transport for reaching chail.

  • Via Air - The nearest airport is the Jubbarhatti airport situated in Shimla, 62 Km from Chail. Nearest major airport is the Chandigarh airport.

Best places to Visit in Chail

  • Kali Ka Tibba - Situated at the top of a hill with Goddess Kali temple, Kali ka Tibba is a pilgrimage place in Chail that attracts lots of pilgrims. 

  • Chail Palace -  Once a royal palace for the maharajas which was later converted into a heritage place, the City Palace is a place of great architecture to visit in Chail.  

  • Chail Cricket Ground - Situated at a height of 2,244 meters above sea level, the cricket ground is considered as the highest cricket ground in the world.

Best time to visit - Chail is a place where you can visit throughout the year as one each and every season has its own specialty and offers something for everyone in all seasons round. There are many Luxury holiday resorts in Chail which you can book during your stay and enjoy the delightful beauty of this place.