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Best things to do in Chail during Summer in 2022
By: Admin | 29-Mar-2022

Best things to do in Chail during Summer in 2022

Imagine being surrounded by Snow laden mountains, Tall Pine and deodar trees, dense forests with sunlight beaming through the tall trees. Don't you think it can be an amazing view and a treat to the eye. Well it can definalybe and that's something which you can find in Chail, a small calm and tranquil hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Visit to Chaill can definitely give you memorable traveling memories in 2022. You can book Best Hotel in Chail For Family on your visit and enjoy your stay. Lets see some of the best things which you can do in Chail.

  1. Visit Religious Places - On your Visit to Chail you can visit Kali ka Tibba which is a very famous temple in Chail. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. As the temple is situated on top of a hill the view from there is just breathtaking and amazing.  You can also visit Siddh Baba Temple and Gurudwara on your visit here.

  1. Do Camping - Visiting such an amazing place with lots of greenery around and not camping is just not right. Set up a tent and enjoy your camping in peace in Chail. You can simply sit outside your tent while munching on your grilled food with your friends.

  1. Indulge in Adventure Activities - You can indulge yourself in various adventure activities like Trekking, Paragliding, rock climbing, horse riding. Chail has one of the beautiful trekking paths where you get a beautiful and picture perfect scenic beauty which you can admire and capture in your pictures as well. 

  1. Get A Glimpse of WildLife - You can visit Chail wildlife sanctuary and witness different types of flora and fauna. You can also get a wildlife safari and get to see the animals in their natural habitat. You can also visit Great Himalayan National Park during your trekking and get to see the 4000 plant species present there.  

  1. Enjoy Lip Smacking Foods - Visiting any place and not tasting the delicacies can definitely leave your visit incomplete. From local to Indian you can get all types of cuisine in Chail. You can visit Chail palace restaurant which is one of the famous restaurants in Chail and enjoy local as well as international cuisines.  If you are a non veg lover then visiting Tarik-e-Jharokha is amust as it serves the best Non Vegetarian foods. There are other cafes and restaurants as well where you can visit.

As we have listed the different things which you can do in Chail, so what are you waiting for pcl your bags, get your tickets booked and visit Chail. You can book Fernhill Resorts in Chail to stay on your visit.