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Best time to explore beautiful Chail
By: Vanita | 17-Jan-2022

Best time to explore beautiful Chail

Chail, a beautiful village in the city of Himachal Pradesh is a place of greenery and tranquility. From Pine tree-laden peaks in monsoon season to snow covered Shivalikh ranges in winter, from beautiful sunsets to even beautiful snowfalls, you can get it all in this one place. Chail is a place which has a lot to offer in every season of the year. One can visit chail throughout the year and enjoy the beauty of this place.  

April to June is considered as the best time to visit in Chail as the weather of the place is quite pleasant due to high altitude. The weather during this time of year in Chail is breezy and pleasant and provides ample relief from the scorching heat and hustle bustle of life. Surrounded by lush greenery and clear blue sky during summer cail at this time of the year is a treat to watch. There are many Luxury resorts in Chail where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of Chail. You can also get involved in many adventure activities like rock climbing, camping, zip lining and rafting rappelling. If you want to get a full bird eye view of the place then you can do paragliding as well. You can visit Chail Sanctuary where you can see a variety of animals, flora and fauna as well.  

If you are visiting Chail to run away from the busy hustle bustle of daily life and just relax for a few days then the monsoon season between July to September is the best when the greenery is at its best due to rainfall. It's the best time to visit nature photographers. Due to high altitudes there are little chances of landslides due which tourists are less during this time. You can just book the best resorts in Chail, and relax and enjoy the monsoon season.

If you are a snowfall lover then the Winter Season from October to March can be your best time for you to visit Chail. The whole place is covered with thick white snow and looks absolutely stunning and somewhat magical. The snow laden peaks of mountains will be a real treat to watch. You can do skiing and snow fights in the thick snow covered terrain and enjoy your stay in chail.

In whichever season you visit or whichever month, Chail is a place which will surprise you on every visit.