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Chail is a perfect place to trip for winter vacation
By: Vanita | 14-Feb-2022

Chail is a perfect place to trip for winter vacation

Situated in the town of Himachal Pradesh and just 50 KM from Shimla, The town of Chail is a tranquil hill station which you can visit during the winter vacation. Located at a height of 2000m above sea level with beautiful greenery all round, Chail is a picture perfect hill station where you can get dense forests, tall pine and deodar trees, mountains, rivers, and also adventure sports.You can easily find Chail Hotels where you can enjoy your stay.

Although Chail can be visited all year round during the winter season, the season of white beauty is perfect for visiting Chail and enjoying winter amidst the snow. If you are a snow lover then Chail is the best place to visit. The snow covered mountains of the Shivalik range look amazing and just picture perfect and you can enjoy playing in snow as well. 

On your visit to Chail you can indulge yourself in various activities like adventure sports, sightseeing or you can just sit and relax in your hotel and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the surroundings. Lets see some of the things which you can do when in Chail.

  • You can visit the cricket playground which is one of the most famous places of Chail because it is the highest cricket ground in the world. You can also visit City Palace. 

  • There are many temples in Chail which you can visit like Kali ka Tibba which is dedicated to Goddess Kali, Siddh baba ka mandir and Gurudwara Sahib.

  • You can get indulged in adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, horse riding or can do camping in the jungle which can be really interesting and adventurous. There are many beautiful trekking tracks where you can enjoy Trekking in Chail

  • There are sanctuaries like Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and Himalayan National park which you visit.

Although the trip to Chail is sufficient for having memories to the brim, there are hill stations like Shimla , Kasauli and Kurfi which are near to Chail and you can visit them on your visit to chail and have moments of lifetime. In winter these places are just like a winter paradise where you can enjoy your winter vacations.

So pack your bags with warm clothes and get your tickets booked for visiting Chail during winter vacation. On your visit you can book your stay at Fernhill hotels and resorts which provides the Best Hotel Packages In Chail.