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Discover the Joy of Trekking in the Quaint Town of Chail
By: Vanita | 29-Dec-2021

Discover the Joy of Trekking in the Quaint Town of Chail

Trekking in Chail is an adventurous sport. It is a favorite of many millennial today. If you are looking for an exotic destination for trekking that releases quaintness and serenity, Chail is your perfect option. 

Located about fifty kilometers from Shimla, the location is a perfect treat for the eyes- beautiful flora and fauna; the picturesque views are simply amazing, leaving an indelible mark on your minds. 

Book luxury resorts in Chail and enjoy the quaintness and the fantastic weather. You will feel truly blessed to be a part of a memorable trekking experience with your loved ones. 

Trail routes

What is best about the quaint trails of Chail is that it has a plethora of options to offer. So one can explore one or many treks and enjoy nature's beauty. Some of the trails worth mentioning are Chail to Shimla, Rajgarh, Gaura, Chur Chandni, or Jhaja. 

Every trail has its unique beauty and entails some spectacular natural scenery worth looking at. One can witness deodar and pine forest here, along with Blue pine Rhododendron, Cedar, and Robinia trees. Yes, this is called the beauty of mother earth. 

You should book resorts in Chail to explore these beauties.

Wildlife sanctuary

The place is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary. It is a treat for all wildlife lovers. Some of the unique animals that can be seen are langur, Goral, leopard, Red Deer of European origin, wild boar, and Asian Black Bear. 

An array of birds such as grey-winged Blackbird, Black Headed Jay Himalayan Bulbul, Parakeet, and the Blue Capped Redstart can also be witnessed. 

Kali ka Tibba temple

For those who are religious, this temple is worth worshipping. Built on a mountain, the temple is considered very auspicious amongst the tribals. 

So what are you waiting for? Book Chail resorts now.