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List of adventure activities in Chail 2022 - Fernhill Resort Chail
By: Admin | 01-Apr-2022

List of adventure activities in Chail 2022 - Fernhill Resort Chail

Chail is a beautiful hill station of HImachal Pradesh which attracts millions of tourists every year. This calm and picture perfect place is situated just 2 hours away from the capital city Shimla. For a comfortable stay and enjoyable trip you can book Budget hotels in Chail, so give us a call for more information. When you have planned your trip for Chail then do not miss these adventurers activities to do. 

Mountain biking: So, adventure junkies, get ready to feel the next level of enthusiasm by riding a bike on mountains. Biking is not that difficult but mountain biking is something which will definitely boost you up and give you an adrenaline rush. Try mountain biking on the monotonous terrains and add one more milestone in your adventure activity list.

Trekking: Trekking is like a boon for nature lovers. If you are in Chail then Trekking is something which you shouldn't miss on your vacation. It is one of the best things to do for adventure enthusiasts. You can go trekking on the famous routes of Chail like Gaura, Jhajhar, Kandaghat, Rajgarh, Chur - Chandani and Shimla and enjoy the majestic view of the Chail landscape. You can treek along the raks surrounded by tall pine and Deodar trees and enjoy the exquisite view.

Paragliding: One of the most popular sports for people who love heights and wish to fly like a bird. Paragliding is one such activity which will definitely thrill you. You can get a bird's eye, Panoramic view of the whole magnificent beauty of Chail during Paragliding. 

Zorbing: If you want to do something out of the box then you can definitely try Zorbing. Zorbing is basically a recreational activity in which you roll down the valley inside a transparent ball  and get a beautiful view of the valley from all possible angles. Rolling down a grassy slope inside a translate[arent ball can be an amazing experience. Solang district is famous for doing Zorbing.


Rock climbing: If you are an adventure sport lover and love concurring heights then rock climbing is something which you can definitely aim for when in Chail. Challenge your physical and mental strength by climbing the rocky terrains of mountains. 

So when in Chail it’s not just about visiting religious places or enjoying delicacies you can get indulged in the above mentioned activities for an adventurous and memorable vacation. You can get your booking done in FernHill Resort Chail which is recognised as the Best Hotel In Chail For Family.