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Why trekking is best things to do in Chail
By: Vanita | 20-Feb-2022

Why trekking is best things to do in Chail

Once served as a summer retreat for the Maharaja of Patiala, Chail situated around 50 Km from Shimla is a small yet beautiful hill station which is a perfect place to escape from the everyday hustle bustle of life. If you want to take a break from the everyday busy schedule of life and want to spend time amongst the woods then Chail is one of the best places which you can visit in India and you can easily book Resorts In Chail Hills so that you can enjoy your trip . Surrounded by lush green Landscape of tall deodar and pine trees with snow covered Himalayan backdrop, Chail is a picture perfect town where you can get lots of pictures for your instagram and build memories. 

Tall trees, lush green surroundings, dense forest and mountains don't ring a bell for trekking. Well it does and guess what Trekking in Chail is one of the coolest and adventurous activities which you can do on your visit. It can be a great experience of trekking down the mystical lanes of wondering what lies ahead on the lane.

Walking under the shadows of tall pine trees and enjoying the cool air breeze can be so mesmerizing. If you are a beginner in trekking then you can go on a easy trekking and if you are a trekking enthusiast then you a go for hardcore trekking route to challenge yourself and motivate yourself to push further and walk. There are many famous trekking routes which have beautiful scenic surroundings such as Trekking course of Kandaghat, Rajgarh, Jugnu, Churu Chandani and not to forget Shimla. While trekking you can visit Kali ka Tibba which is a temple considered an auspicious temple by the locals. It's a temple of Goddess Kali and is situated at the top of a hill. You can get an amazing bird eye view from this site and the sunrise and sunset is just beautiful from here. 

Chail is a place which you can visit all the year round and it can offer something to every type of tourist. On your visit you can stay in Fern Hill hotel and resorts which are considered as one of the best Hotel and Resorts in Chail.