Fern Hill Resort

Rejuvenation in chail

Whether you are looking for an escape or a break from your roaster, rejuvenation in chail is the best way to get some oxygen for your life.Indeed the private balcony can be a new workspace,and you have to do the tough work-a day without any work

Indeed,you can enjoy your day with your family and friends and enjoy the great scenic mountain view from our balcony.

Enjoy the picturesque beauty straight out of the fairytale books of your childhood.We ensuren that you will spend warm,luxurious and quality time with those closest to you.

Every moment at the hotel gives you the peace of Mountain living.

Start your mornings with a meditation and yoga session in the lap of nature and a stroll along with the oak,deodar and pine trees and observe various floras and faunas.

Spend a lazy afternoon under a blanket and enjoy a temperature-controlled bath when the sun begins to set.

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Fernhill Resort Chail