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Yoga and Health

Yoga develops in india.It is a relaxing form of exercise.You have to hold a posture and stretch the muscles and limbs

An experienced trainer in a Fernhill Resort chail will guide you about Yoga and meditation techniques.Yoga means 'UNION' in sanskrit.It is an alternative health development practice.

It is a combination of mental and physical exercise.It makes you anxious and stress-free.

Yoga in western world

Yoga now flourishes in the western world as well.Though it was developed in Asia,it is now a modern form of health practice in the western world.

It is a posture based fitness practice to reduce anxiety and stress .It was introduced by indian sadhus

Now you can visit the retreat resort in chail to enjoy the same facilities in Himachal pradesh.

Fern Hill Resort

Yoga in Chail

Yoga and meditation facilities in our resorts help you to Re-evaluate and be more focused on your work when you return to your daily routine

Indeed,we understand that stress can be a devasting factor in your life and affect your body and mind.So we encourage our guests to have a yoga session inour resort.

Our yoga instructors will guide you to master the breathing techniques,improve body postures and help you to overcomethe tiredness of the journey.

Well, there are many visiting places in chail.however,our FERNHILL RETREAT CHAIL yoga session will help you to overcome the stress and anxiety of the journey of your life.

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